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Frequently Asked Immigration Questions

Here at the law firm of KB Law, we know how difficult immigration law can be.


We understand that there is nothing more that you want than to get your life back on track or to move forward with any immigration related matter, and we are here to guide you through that process.

Below are several frequently asked questions answered by a Chicago immigration lawyer:

Chicago Immigration Lawyers KB Law

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What’s the difference between naturalization and citizenship?
Do I have to be a permanent resident before I can go through the naturalization process?
What’s the Green Card Lottery?
I was denied a green card. What can I do?
How can the UAFA help me stay in the United States?
Do I need a notario for my case?

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Founded by Christopher Kurczaba in 1992, continuing a well-established family tradition, our Law Office has continuously expanded to representing thousands of foreign nationals across the country secure permanent residency, work visas and citizenship. Our worldwide list of clients represent a wide array of individuals ranging from small to large companies, world-famous artists, entertainers and athletes, doctors and academics, truck drivers, machinists, office workers and those in a variety of other jobs. We are able to assist all individuals and businesses with their immigration needs.